Rebecca Hoskins – A Farm for the Future

March 2, 2009 · Filed Under Uncategorized · 1 Comment 

The recent documentary on BBC2 by Rebecca Hoskins was very informative about the way farming and food is dependent on finite fossil fuel. The interview with Richard Heinberg was excellent as he was able to explain how perilous the situation is and how urgent is the need for sustainable solutions.

Rebecca’s conclusion that we would have to eat less meat would be hard to argue against, but the other ideas of year round grazing and permaculture do not seem to me to be the way to feed 6.7 billion mainly city dwellers when oil becomes scarce.

Instead we need a system where we can efficiently utilise both the seed and the straw in cereal and oilseed crops in a way that does not damage the soil, so that agriculture can produce enough food but also enough biofuel for it’s own energy needs.

We believe that harvesting the whole, ripe crop unseparated and then processing it at a bio refinery may be part of the solution.